Last Day at Resort

We spent the day at the resort since it was our last day.   The grounds are beautiful and the pool is one of the largest I have ever seen.

Still walking to the swimming pool.

...and we're walking...

Exposure not great, but we're STILL WALKING.   It is just up ahead.

This is a big Grecian type gazebo where the weddings take place.   I didn't see one.   I guess you could have a party there, also.

I took this mainly because of the thundercloud looming in the distance.

A very small shot of the pool area.   They have a swim up beverage station, a live band and whirlpool areas to sit all through the pool.

Those columns were the locations of the whirlpools that seated 12 or so.   The water was perfect.   We swam twice!

Next up...dinner and checking out.   See you then, Peeps.

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