The Bedbug Yuck

Okay, Peeps.   I am totally creeped out by the thought of bedbugs.

Since we travel sometimes, I have a little ritual I perform when we get in the room.

1. Check the bathroom for....icky.

2.  Take the spread off the bed and fold neatly throw it in the corner.

3.  Check under the bed for bodies.   That is a long story I'll tell another time.   It didn't happen to me.

4.  Check the floor to see if I can put my feet on it.   Usually not.  I always take flip flops.

5.  Check and see if the glassware is clean.

Sometimes there is more but I won't bore you.  If I am not flying I might or might not take lysol, wipies, and

scrubbing bubbles.

Now I've got to check for bedbugs, too?   Oh gosh.   Do I take my own sheets?   My own pillows?

Do they make bedbug spray?

I'm itching as we speak.

Today I am hearing on the news that the bedbug infestation is now in clothing stores... AWWWWG

Not that I go shopping that much, but I do browse.    Can they just jump out on you?    Can you see them?

This information has temporarily ruined me.

I'm washing sheets and blankets as we speak.

Be back later when I have somewhat recovered.


Nanato4 said...

We travel fairly frequently also ... and have a trip planned in a week and a half. And like you, I'm kinda freaked out. Ok, maybe not kinda ... maybe a whole lot.

Fuschia said...

Well since I rarely get to leave the house, much less town, I guess I'm good. However, when we do travel, I NEVER walk on the floor either!!! YUCK! And I'm a big fan of the plastic, sealed in plastic, cups.

Just for a giggle, check this out (the end is for you ;)

Dawn said...

Thanks... now I'm itching, too! LOL

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

We already had enough 'yuk' to deal with in hotels room and now we have to look for bed bugs. I am already dreading a trip we have coming up and how and where I am going to sleep. Can bed bugs live in a tub? Maybe we could find rest there hmmmmm?

Tammy said...

Every see that hidden video on the hotel cleaning ladies who cleaned the room drinking glasses with the rag they used on the sink???

There's something to be said for those in the little plastic bag.