Views of Puerto Rico

Earlier in the month, Mr. Wonderful, found a great travel deal to go to PR.

PR had not been on our bucket list but, hey, a good deal is a good deal.

Mr. Wonderful combs certain internet travel sites and catches wonderful deals since we love to travel so much.

We decided when we married that we would travel as much as possible (because of our age) when we found good deals ( insert here not first class) and I'm loving it.

I'll share pictures and my reviews, hahaha, when we return from places.

We had an uneventful (that's means good) flight and no problems at the airports involved.  The flight seemed long, but there was no meal and the movie screen went out.

We landed, got our rental car, got a rough map (did I say was a sketch on the back of a piece of paper) to our lodging for the next 4 days.

Another thing.  It was 7:30 by this time and DARK.   We thought we would have time to get to our resort in the daylight...SINCE EVERY FREAKING ROAD SIGN WAS IN SPANISH!!!.   Was not counting on that.   I thought there would be adequate English spoken.  Nada. Nope. Nyet. Nuttin'.

I really think the people in the Rio Grande area could speak English, but most were playing a tourist game with us, pretending not to understand.

Anyway, God was merciful and delivered us to the correct roads and turns and we found our location in a couple of hours.   Daylight would have been most helpful.

The resort was beautiful.  The Gran Melia.   Wouldn't stay there again for free.  If you go, go to the west coast or the east coast.   Not the north coast.  Just my opinion.

Our rooms were so far from the front office they had to take us in a golf cart after we checked in.  This is the first thing we saw in our room.

Okay then!

What does that mean?    Snakes? Alligators? Sharks?  The Maid?  Kidnappers?  Robbers? The Food?
The Service?   What?   Hmmm.

Checking in.   Luckily there was not a  long line.   There was every other time we walked through the lobby.

Beautiful fountain right in front of the hotel.

Mr. Wonderful took this.   I had never seen a Lamborghini.   Probably never will again.   Mr. Wonderful LOVES yellow cars.


Queen B said...

I'm thinking the PR Tourism Board won't be hiring you anytime soon...

Anonymous said...

PeepOne here....I can't believe you rented THAT car without me....I may never get over it!