Day Three in PR

We couldn't swim in the ocean at this location, so we decided to kick back and enjoy listening to the surf and just relax.   Mr. Wonderful likes to be busy.   I am teaching him how to relax.   He's beginning to like it.

A view from our loung chairs.   Still at the resort.

Ditto.   The water was peaceful.

Looking back from our spot under the trees, you see a cottage on the left.  Supposedly Johnny Depp stayed there while filming something.   It costs $$$$$ has a private pool, maid and butler.    The building in the center in the far distance is our bungalow.

Twelve rooms to a bungalow.   Ours was .3 a mile from the mail desk.

The grounds were beautiful and the rooms very nice.   I did have a roach in my bathroom one night. I screamed and made a big deal of it, even though I could have killed it in a second.   Mr. Wonderful needs to be able to save the day sometimes.  hahaah.   The room was very clean.   Roaches are a problem on any
island.   They have no place to go.   They fly and are the size of a bald eagle.

My lame attempt at humor.    Didn't work like I thought it would.   Oh well.

Pretty flowers outside our room.

Just lovely.

More tomorrow.   Love ya, Peeps

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