If you have been a reader of Beachy Mimi for the last 2 years or so, you already know that my Birthday is a

NATIONAL HOLIDAY in the beachy house.   Even when I have had to party by myself, I have had a

PARTEE.   Sorry Queen B.  (she hates it when things aren't spelled correctly).

I start with a Coke.   I drink it in bed.

I eat birthday cake ALL DAY.   Sometimes with ice cream, sometimes just eating from the cake without

a plate (can you say eating disorder?)

I might or might not get taken to lunch.   It's okay.   I always have the cake.

For dinner I love to eat Sea Bass.  Unfortunately, it is hard to find  around here.   But, I try.

For dessert,   more cake,   UNLESS  Bananas Foster is around somewhere.

I get some phone calls from friends and family.    My day is complete.

It isn't about the gifts,   well, maybe a tiny bit,    JUST KIDDING.

I have everything I need.

It's just knowing that the day is MINE (along with Barbara Walters, Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones

and countless others).

I may be doing normal everyday chores and stuff, but in my mind...I AM QUEEN FOR THE DAY.

It's just a way of coping when you get older.


Dawn said...

Birthday week? I'm thinking birthday MONTH sounds like a good idea! LOL

Hoping your birthday week is filled with lots of cake (and sea bass and bananas foster) and all the people you love!

Be blessed!

Fuschia said...

Oh Gurl! DO IT UP ONE TIME!!! Have a wonderful day. Go ahead and eat some cake for me...right outta the side, get a great big glob of icing. ;)

Love you!!

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

Happy Birthday Mimi, hope you have a great day and enjoy your cake!

Dawn said...

My Birthday is also a National Holiday. I really think everyone should makes theirs that. I celebrated all month for mine and it was wonderful...but usually it is just a week or two. It's the one day of the year that it's all about YOU so ENJOY! Happy Birthday!

Beth said...

happy, happy birthday, mimi

all great ones are born in september!

Tammy said...

Happy Happy Birthday to the Beachiest Mimi of them all! I hope you PARTEE'd like a rock star all week long!!