LIONS, TIGERS AND... no bears.

This post may be upsetting to some, so be warned.   If you don't like seeing animals being fed...chickens and sheep then RUN...RUN AWAY NOW!

I'm just the reporter in this post, so don't be hurtin' me about the subject matter.   Just trying to show you life
in parts of South Africa.

We visited family and they took us to neighbors that had a Lion Farm.   I didn't know what a Lion Farm was.
People breed and raise lions to be planted in "hunting areas" so trophy hunters can "track" them and shoot them  for their...heads, tails, skin...I have no idea.   "Hunters" pay upwards of $300,000 for this.

I got a little too close to the fence and she pounced.   Seriously.

The paw is really the size of a dinner plate.
Brotherly love.
A baby.
The guy that raises the lions.  They let him pet them.

Eating sheep.  Gag.

They see dinner coming.  Farmers with dead chickens bring them to feed the lions.

Baby did not like to be held.  Just about to bite.

teenage lions

That will be all for today.  They did have a male and female tiger there, but since they were not native to Africa I didn't
show them.   Maybe another time.

Later, Peeps!


Dawn said...

One of the items on my bucket list is to pet a lion and a tiger. I'd even kiss one if I thought I could do it without losing my face or my life! (Did you get to pet one???) My husband thinks I'm nuts. Maybe!

I'm really enjoying your posts... keep 'em comin'!

Be blessed!

Fuschia said...

We have some friends who went to Kenya to preach. They went on safari one day and saw several lions. Well, one of the friends wanted a better pic, so he thought it would be a good idea to throw coins at the lion to get him to stand up. Stand up he did...just before he charged their open-air van!!

I like the view from your blog just fine, thank you!