When Mr. Wonderful gave me the choice of staying in a Rondoval or a tent inside the park,  I jumped all over it.   It was so much fun!!   This is the tent from the back.  On stilts.   No air conditioning!

Tent from the side.  The "kitchen" was on the front porch!!

Yes, this is the kitchen.

The door to the tent.   It is screen.  It doesn't lock.

The dining area.

The cooking area.

Mr. Wonderful preparing the fire to cook our dinner.

We are that dinner here.  Notice the sandy part on the upper right side.

This was the view from our patio.   It is looking out to an animal crossing area IN THE PARK.  There was an electric fence between us and any animals wandering by.

The tent had a bed, a shower, and a real flushing toilet!!   Also a refrigerator.   At night, we could hear the noises: howls, growls, calls, chirps.  It was so cool.

More later, Peeps.


Dawn said...

Very, very cool!

Dawn said...

we stayed in something very similar to that in ponapai (micronesia) and I was freaked right out when a cat jumped in on me. It wasn't all the way enclosed and things could get in from the top! glad it was just a cat!