I just love to show gas stations/convenience stores where we travel.   Former occupational hazard.

We wanted to out to the countryside and see how Puerto Ricans really lived.

We stopped at a little road side inn to spend the night and eat local food.  The following are alot of beach shots from this area.

Who would not love a view like this!!

WAY, WAY down the beach there you see a beach that the locals use.  It was hopping.   Bands, little bit of small surfing, boating, skiing, lots of swimming.    Picnicing, drive up trailer food vendors. And Kids.  Lots and LOTS of kids.   It was great to watch.

The beach itself?  A little too sea-weedy for me.

While I might or might not be napping,  Mr. Wonderful is carefully trying to translate the Puerto Rican menu to Afrikaans to English.

I loved this.   Storm clouds brewing!!

Motel room.   No comment.

The end of the day.

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