PhotobucketI have an update on a previous post about "THE GIRLS", and their High Beam issues. I found a Spanx bra and it is wonderful. The Beam is hidden and girls have no brafat in the back. Not that I would know about that or anything. It was just advertized. Heh Heh

I'm still searching for the petals and things like nursing pads but I don't have them yet.

This may be a sensitive issue for some of you, so stop reading now!!!

We're talking more about grooming.

Specifically, grooming the tootie.

I know I am older, therefore behind (pun intended) in the ways and means of accomplishing such a task.

In my generation, I don't think such grooming was done. If it was, no one talked about it. We all just left things natural. This did cause a problem during summer swimming season.

As I was getting my eyebrows waxed last week, the Salon had a WHOLE PAGE on different kinds of tootie grooming you could request. Beachy Mimi likes to be on the cutting edge and I was just so unaware. I had a lump in my throat to think I HAD MISSED THIS.

They will completely take everything away...or you can trim or draw a little pattern. I think they do one named after Brazil.

Arms, underarms, legs, backs, chests you name it, they'll groom it.

Think of this as a bikini wax on steroids---permanently.

They do warn as you get older you lose, er...some tooties and if you take too much you will be 90 years old and be.....bald, so to speak. Ewww. So the best advice is to leave a few poobies in the area.

This area of lasering may be one Beachy Mimi looks into because I just gotta know.

Have any of you Peeps gone under the laser? waxer? razor? kitchen scissors?

Please share with us so the rest of us can be up to date and properly groomed. Thank you.


Drama Mama said...

Oh my goodness- that is just way too funny-
No, I have not done any salon grooming, waxing or other torture treatments-
I have had my brows waxed and that hurts pretty bad- can only imagine how a tootie wax would feel!

Angela said...

I've not done salon grooming either other than brows a few times. BUT, that said, I've had my arm pits and legs waxed. And I've tried to wax down south by myself. Which by the way was a nightmare that included wax everywhere in the kitchen and the bathroom, wax stuck to me for ages, and hair NOT coming up. So I stick to shaving. Shaving arms, legs, and the whole hoohoo.

By the way the pretty much biggest reason why I answered this question is that I think its beyond hilarious that a Queen Mother, a.k.a. Grandma, of all people would be the one to share and ask this question...

linda said...

You are right, how do women "our age" know about these things? Perhaps because daughter says "Mom you have a 1960's cookie, do something about it". So I did. In the shower. With scissors. The floor of the shower looked like it had a wiglet in it. If all that had gone down the drain I would have had to call the plumber. How embarrassing would that be?

CoftheU said...

Well. I keep a "landing strip" in front and I HAVE waxed it but it's painful so usually I pluck it. It takes a long time but I don't shave there because I get razor bumps very easily and they itch. And there are few things worse than itchy coochie, right?

But I do shave everything else down South (and DON'T get razor bumps there). I mean, I shave everything from stem to stern. All the cracks (tee hee) and crevices. Its takes some maneuvering and reaching and contorting to get the job done. A mirror would help but I'd rather have a few missed hairs than be looking at my cookie that much.

Tammy said...

Holy moly, Mimi. I am blushing here sitting alone in my living room. I have only been brave enough to try the eyebrows, as a Greek woman's eyebrows are a bit thick. But that's as far as I am going. I'll just stick to the razor for other needed grooming.

Phew, I got one last comment in here before the big QB shuts this place down! It's been fun, BM.

Jo-Lynne (Musings of a Housewife) said...

Oooooh, I need one of those brassieres. Where did you find it?

As for the rest of the conversation, I just shave the area that is visible in a swimsuit and call it a day. I can't IMAGINE waxing down there. It hurts badly enough on the face.

Alicia said...

Wow, Mimi! You are obviously not shy or easily phased.

Well, I don't wax anything except my eyebrows. Everything else I shave. I don't do any special designs or anything that has to do with Brazil. I like the eagle look--as in bald. It's more comfortable for me.

I'm anxious to see what QB has to say. I'm sure she's reaching for that plug right about now.

This is hilarious! I love coming to this place.

tam said...

That is the funniest thing I have ever read. I had tears and sitting cross legged to keep from wetting myself. Queen B is going to kill ya!

Amy said...

Mimi...oh my. I don't know what else to say.

Queen B said...

Hope you've enjoyed blogging.

Fuschia said...

Uh oh, QueenB was here!!
I'm with jo-lynne, if it's visible in a swimsuit, it goes...well and a little scissor trim every now and then for good measure!
I can't believe I actually commented on this :0

RR Mama said...

Oh Mimi, you are so funny! Don't let Queen B know you have been talking about girl issues again. You just might get grounded!

kristenkj said...

Holymoly! You are seriously cracking me up. I don't wax, I use the nair or bikini bare or whatever it is called. It works fast and well for me.

And by the way Linda, what the heck is a wiglet?

BM, keep up the good work. You sure are good for a laugh. :)

Lorrene said...

Let me put this as mildly as I can.. When you're 90 you're not going to give a rats rear if you have a bald tooty. I'm almost 80 and I already don't care so much.. Now those chin hairs are a different matter. I think I just figured out where those chin hairs come from.
Ah no, it couldn't be. Say it isn't so.