I Fainted

Photobucket"Over here!"

"Wave it back and forth!"

"Pat her hand!"

sniff sniff, shuffle, blink, deep breath......."Oh, hi there, Peeps! Sorry about that small interruption. Beachy Mimi just passed out for a moment there and had to be revived with an ammonia stick." "This is PeepOne just bringing her around. She's fine and will be blogging soon."


Hi Peeps! Sorry about the small fainting spell. I read in Queen B's blog that she got her NOSE
PIERCED and I hit the floor.

Not to worry. I fainted when she got her ears pierced, too. In fact, I fainted when I got MY ears pierced.

I guess I just have an issue with pointy things that poke holes in the skin and blood spurts.

You go girl!! She has wanted to do this for a long time and I am so pround of her for stepping out of her comfort zone to do something harmless.

She is a totally normal woman doing totally normal woman things in her everyday life. I think all of us have a little bit of zing in our personalities that expresses itself in different ways.

B, pierced her nose. XYZ has pink streaks in her hair. Beachy Mimi wears her hair spiked.
Some people have tats. Some women paint their nails strange colors. Some women wear very bold colors and/or patterns. Some ride motorcycles. Some have convertibles.....

Expressions of parts of our personalities.

What's the little "zing" in your personality?


Janel said...

Okay, I clicked right over here to see your reaction to B's nose piercing! You are the best mom - so supportive!

I bet she looks awesome. I think they look pretty cool.

My zing - I have a hot temper. Not good. Always working and praying on that!

Queen B said...

I think mine has been established.

3girlsmom said...

Just letting you know, my mom would NOT be as cool as you are being. Kudos on that.
I have a hidden tattoo. It's my husband's initial and hides under my wedding band. It's my favorite thing I've ever done. I love it.
No, my mom doesn't know about it.
I'm planning on getting my 2nd one, soon. This one won't be hidden, but will still be small. I'm dreading the day my mom finds out about that one. She definitely has that "what will the neighbors/church members/family members, etc. think?" attitude.
Again, you rock. B is a very lucky lady.

DND said...

You are being very supportive. When my mom found out about my tatto, she tried to rub it off like a temp tatto.

THE ROOST said...

I am thinking I need a little zing!!! LOL

linda said...

My hair turned gray in my 20's, now it is white and yes, it too is spiked. Two years ago for my 55th birthday I got a tattoo. My daughter was appalled, suggested I get a red convertible instead. Nope, I wanted a tattoo! I spent 33 years in the corporate world but now that I'm retired I don't have to be so proper!

Fuschia said...

My zing?
My nails. I do my own artificial nails (the kind you buy at the drug store). No one ever believes that they are not professionally done! I love to get ones with designs...the bolder the better!! Friends at church grab my hand to check out what new, flashy tips I have found.
Right now I'm sporting french tips with red and gold butterfly shilouettes.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Funky jewelry. I especially love beaded chokers, which make me look like a delicate biker chick.

I also love to wear dramatic scarves when I'm dressing up. My husband brought me back some gorgeous silk scarves from Indonesia a few years ago. I just drape them around my neck and go.

Soliloquy said...

I home school, drink, lift my hands to my Jesus and am getting a BOOB job.

Alicia said...

Let's see.....I've pretty much done it all except getting my nose pierced. I can never pass up a dare. I can so "no" until I'm blue in the face, but if someone says "I dare you", then I just melt and I have to do it. Maybe that's more dumb than zing. The one thing that does get a lot of surprise from my peeps is that I occassionally chop all of my hair off and spike it. My hair can be past my shoulders when I leave for work one morning, and I'll come back with short spikes. I do that every couple of years or so. As a matter of fact, I have plans of doing it again in a couple of weeks, but this time I'm adding color. *gasp*