Moving On

PhotobucketThe move is over! Over in the sense that I have stuff in the garage to put away and stuff in storage I may never see again.

I'm out of the house. It is a great feeling. I think it is called CLOSURE.

Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement. Life will now find a new normal and I can hardly wait to see what God has planned.

A big THANK YOU to PeepOne. When the packing and memories were overwhelming, I left to go breathe and she kept right on going. It is very much to her credit that we did this in three days. Wow. Friends are priceless.

Now for the real stuff. Didn't remove the "surprises". Oops. Left a couple more. Heh Heh

A little history might be in order. I have known Pacific since we both were 5. All through school we sat in ABC order in classes. He was A and I was B so we sat together EVERY DAY for 12 years. We developed a fantastic friendship growing up together.

The marriage didn't survive, but the friendship is still intact. All the little fun things I did at the house will be viewed by him with a chuckle. I didn't really do them to be evil, but to remind him we are still friends and I can poke at my friend.

Hey P, if you are reading this.........check in the freezer for your underwear.........


Queen B said...

I can't believe you really did the underwear thing.

Pattik said...

Well Beachy Mimi,PeepOne here, we did it! The
surprises had to be there. What
is life without humor? BORING!
All in good frozen fun!
Laughter is lifes best medicine.

New chapter in life is now here
for you. That is very exciting.
God has great things planned for
you. Open your heart and mind
and pay attention.

I do believe I feel a vacation
brewing. Yep,it will be great!
Life is good!!

Fuschia said...

I'm glad you have that over and done with...I'm sure you are, too ;)
The funny!

gordostyle said...

Too hilarious! I just love your humor!

Time to put a new foot forward... enjoy (and embrace) your new adventure!


Tammy said...

Nothing screams friendship louder than, well, frozen underwear!

Janel said...

Oh, bless you Mimi! Here's to the new normal!