It's HAIR Again!

Just because your children move to their own homes and live their own lives doesn't necessarily mean that YOU the Mom are off the hook.

Let me explain.

The Queen B, has done it again.

Pardon me while I take a moment, Peeps. I have been trying to learn to link to other posts for weeks now and I think I finally did it. I have tears. Thank you.

Back to B.

You probably have read some of her earlier posts (hey, I only learned to link her name, not the former posts. Sorry. You'll have to go back and look them up) about all her life long trauma with hair.




Special Occasion Hair.

Wedding Hair.

The list could go on. and on.......

As her Parental Unit, female, I get the wailing and hysteria and tears and teeth gnashing and drama and flailing about that a hair adventure produces.

That's just as an adult. When she was two is was much more theatrical.

B, decided this was the week she need to get some streaks put in the hair.

When a person has beautiful, thick black hair, why would you want to ruin it with streaks?

She thinks she sees gray......not so much. I'LL SHOW YOU GRAY. Just look under my expertly
camouflaged tresses and you will see mucho gray.

This is like the movie, The Groundhog Day, when Bill Murray wakes up for weeks and does the same thing over and over and get the idea. The hair fiascos are the same way.

Does she THINK that one day it will be different?

I am fairly sure that the current hair person is dead to her now, but the streaks......they were
street- caution- cone- orange. Oops. The salon got deathly quiet and then finally someone said

(someone perky) "Oh! That's CUTE".

She left and immediately called me. "Mom, what am I going to do?"

I replied, yawning, "Maybe it will fade as it washes a few weeks."


This lead to an indepth discussion of all the possibilities and corrective measures that could be taken in the shortest amount of time.

To make a L O N G story somewhat shorter, she did get some, err, burgundy corrective color toner thing to get her by until the next time, or this grows out......whichever is shorter.

Not to be outdone. Since I was OOT (out of town) and I have this thing about OOT haircuts..... I just happened to get mine cut even shorter!

Now, not only do I have B to worry about, but THE GUILT from getting mine cut OOT.

What a way to start the week.........


THE ROOST said...

I am glad you helped QueenB through her hair drama. That's what mom's are for!:))

Fuschia said...

So what you're saying is that when I finally get these five little women out of my house, I'll STILL have to deal with ALL THE DRAMA!!

Not what I wanted to hear Mimi!

Well, I agree with the roost that's what mom's are for. I'm sure QueenB is very glad to have you!

Queen B said...

I have yet to figure out how I get myself in these stupid hair disasters. I never say, "um. if you have time will you completely screw up my hair?"

Thanks for being nice about it. And lying through your teeth. You have to admit that the Texas Screw Up of 1989 was the worst thing ever.

Amy said...

Way to lend a helping hand, Beachy Mimi!

The (Almost) Amazing Mammarino said...

Hilarious! I like your description: "street- caution- cone- orange"! So funny!

My worst hair disaster was when I was a teenager in the 80's. Remember cap cuts? They were like slightly bouffy, feathery bangs that go all the way back instead of just in front. Well, I had a cap cut on top of my hair and the rest of my hair was about chin length. I was tired of it and decided to get a kinky curly perm.

Big mistake. I looked like a French poodle!

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your deft use of the term "peeps."