Dressing Appropriately

PhotobucketPeeps, I will be checking out all your solutions in the next few weeks and report back on my findings. Who knew all that was available!!!

Packers come tomorrow. Movers come Saturday. The stress is almost over.

I am going to be Beachy Mimi today and voice an opinion on something that has bothered me for a long time. I would be interested to see how you feel about this topic.

I'm talking about mom's dressing appropriately.

Now I am not a fuddy duddy. I'm all about trying to look your best.

A few years ago, in church, I began to notice that the 30 something mom's were wearing clothing items meant for teenage girls (not my teenage girl), college girls or young 20's without children.

This doesn't mean that when you have children you have to dress dowdy. But, if you choose to procreate, one would think you would have some maturity and sense about clothing yourself.

Case 1--Worship and Praise Team Member. Yet to see her in anything with straps in the summer. It is always halter or strapless/backless. Dare I say tasteless. Your tan may be beautiful, but what message are you sending to your 8 year old daughter about modesty?

Case2--Beautiful Mom. Six feet tall with long blonde hair. Stunning. Now I'm short but not that short. Her skirts hit about my shoulder height. If I were to look up......well, we won't talk about nether regions here......4 daughters. What message do they get?

Case3--Middle Age Mom. Good tan. Meat and potatoes fed girl. Very short, tight skirts and 2 teenage sons. Mucho cleavage from the potatoes and gravy. What message are the boys getting about women?

I think this is another case of JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD.

Case 4--Female. Doesn't choose to wear underwear. Clothing too tight. 2 kids. I'm sorry but this one.....ewwww. Commando cannot be that comfortable. Get some Spanx.

I think skirts just above the knee are cute, but not above the hoochie. I'm so jealous of cleavage but not at church, maybe a cocktail party.

There are just some things that ALL women should wear (panties maybe....) and after a certain age, I don't care how beautiful and toned your body is, there are just some things you shouldn't wear. EVER.

That covers the women who could wear those looks and "look good". Now let's talk about those who wear those looks and..........shouldn't.

Get a mirror. A long mirror. Dress. Stand in front. Turn around. Look at yourself from behind.

If you have a muffin top, a roll over, or a big crease.......it's probably too tight. If the belly hangs over the waistband.....probably shouldn't wear that midriff baring top. If you are over the age of 18 months you shouldn't bare your midriff.

I'm so tired of seeing tats, thong tops and dare I say....cracks from jeans meant for a much smaller person (and younger).

I've taught young children. We are sending them mixed messages when our clothing choices border on tacky and tasteless. When in doubt.....don't.

Modesty has to be taught. It is a beautiful thing. Your kids are watching........


DND said...


Amy said...

Can't a get an AMEN! I agree with all of your points! Thanks for an honest post, Mimi!

Tammy said...

Preach it sista' Mimi! Too bad the folks that really need to read this won't ever see it.

I might just print it out and post it in the church bulletin on Sunday! :-)

Praying for you, Mimi!

Anonymous said...

You go girl!

Rebeckah said...

I love this post. I was just thinking the same thing the other night at church. It is perplexing.

Anonymous said...

Amen! and then they wonder why teenagers are having babies.

THE ROOST said...

That was Funny and You are SO right! You can dress fun and your age, it just takes a little work.

Fuschia said...

Thanks for tellin' it like it is! Our kids get all kinds of trashy messages in the media, it would be nice if their MOTHERS would offer an alternate voice!
Rock on!

pinkmommy said...


Anonymous said...

I have promised my 12 year old daughter that I will never shop in the same stores as her. Its just wrong. You can look very youthful and put together w/o wearing a "junior" size.

Jeni said...

Amen!! And not only the mamas, who should know better, but the daughters!! We have so many pre-teen & younger girls who wear really short skirts, high heels, midriff-baring shirts - YIKES!

Alicia said...

Oh, I could shout right here at my desk! And like someone else said, not only women, but teenagers. Some of the things they wear, especially to church, shock the heck out of me. I personally think modesty needs to be preached more from the pulpit, as well as in the home. Many, many females are clueless about how what they wear, or don't wear, does to males. Men do have a responsibility to guard their eyes and hearts, but it's a sad day when you have to worry about what you're going to see during a worship service. I better shut up now...

3girlsmom said...

Preach it, girl! er...um...ma'am.

My 7 year old isn't even allowed to play with Bratz dolls because of the way they dress.

Also, props for saying "commando, hoochie, & tats" all in the same post. I wonder what kind of google searches will end up at your blog! :)

Kelly @ Love Well said...

And while modesty and setting a good example are the more important issues here, it wouldn't hurt those women to be told that they would probably look better in something age-appropriate.

Our culture is so youth-obsessed, I think many woman are afraid to shop outside of the juniors department for looking like a dowdy has-been.

In reality, age-appropriate clothes are classy, sexy and powerful.

Janel said...

I agree!
It really amazes me to see what some women wear around thier kids and such.

I think you can be trendy, fun and modest all at the same time.

There are so many cute clothes out there to do that with, too!

It took me awhile to accept that clothes that were appropriate for me could not be found in sizes 5, 7and 9. But I do feel so much more comfortable and get a lot more compliments on my clothing.

If anyone has a chance to go to a Shari Braendel What Not to Wear Conference, they are awesome. She helps with appropriate skirt length for your body type, colors, jewelry size - So MUCH!
She is coming to our church in the Fall and I am so excited.
Here is her link.


franticallysimple said...

And if that's what they wear to church...
I am so with you Mimi

Christy said...

So glad to know many others feel the same! Thank you for addressing some important topics Beachy Mimi. My church does teach to dress modestly, both inside and outside of church. We would not want to feel ashamed if we were in the presence of the Lord.

Anonymous said...

And don't wear words on your bottom. I don't like that for any age! I am a 30 something mama and believe that most things need to be covered. There are plenty of cute options out there without baring all! Thanks for a great post! ~Amanda

RR Mama said...

All I can say after that is AMEN!

Neurotically Yours: said...

At church?? People never cease to amaze me. You go girl!!

linda said...

You are right on. I don't judge people (because we are told not to) for what they wear but I wonder where their brains are. There is a definite difference between church attire and party attire. My #1 rule: if it is wider than it is long, it should even be manufactured.

Nicole said...

i'm just glad that long shorts are trendy again!

And you are right, QM...about everything (related to modesty, at least;)

NO MATTER the size, shape, etc. of the person, some things are just inappropriate!

Anonymous said...

I wonder about those who work with students who are entering the hormonal blitz and those people are matter-of-factly showing their cleavage......puuleeeeeeez, especially with the mandated sex ed classes...and the "girls" are practically flashing those fifth grade boys......all of the other old fuddy duddys like me at school just roll our eyes....I really have NO DESIRE to see anybody's "girls" at school, ya know what I mean?

A dinosaur, I know

Loving Our Homeschool said...

PREACH IT, Beachy Mimi!!!

I'm a mid-30s Mom and I like to dress in style (when I can afford new clothes!!) but even my 7-year old daughter will tell me if things are too low cut. She told me that a lady at a restaurant last week was "showing too much up THERE, Mom." Yep, sweetie, you are RIGHT.

I hope she just keeps thinking that way!! We're trying to train them in modesty and purity EARLY.

Peggy said...

Good post! I could't agree more.

Wendi said...

Great post!

I agree.

I am reminded of a teacher at a local high school that taught a class entitled "Just because it says your size doesn't mean you should wear it"
Truer words have not been spoken.

My parents lived at the beach. The beach always provides good "people watching". After watching quite a few people my father said," I have learned one important thing: No one here owns a full length mirror. Because if they did, they would have never left the house looking like that!"

A wise man, my father.

I love your last paragraph. Maybe you should frame it and hang it at church!

popmimi said...

A couple of years ago (when showing bra straps first became acceptable among the teens)....I observed several teen bra straps showing at church...I was in the choir and had a good vantage point....and thought to myself: I've spend the past 50+ years HIDING my bra strap!!!