Shame on Mimi

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I've done it now. I'm on PROBATION from QB for my questionable subject matter the last couple of days. She has the password and can zap me invisible at any time. So, today I won't be talking about THE GIRLS, hoochie orANY topics that might embarass my pastor. (like he reads blogs). I'll behave.

But I will tell you about my day. Packing. Going through boxes in the attic. Pictures. Old cards. Old love notes. Yearbooks. Emotionally draining.

Somewhere in the late afternoon I totally lost my head and became EVIL MIMI. She does surface from time to's scary.

I totally blame PeepOne for encouraging me.

The Pacific's are gone for the weekend, which leaves me packing in the house by myself. Heh Heh.

I normally play well with others, but I got a little aggravated the other day when New Stepson was there to witness the "who gets what discussion". Very awkward for me.

Men can be so clueless.

Being the compassionate, understanding and kind person I am.....I decided to leave a few little
discoveries for the ex. Just one or two....or fourteen. Just maybe a picture or two stuck in a drawer.....or an old love note accidently left on a table. Hey! I'm confessing aren't I?

Okay, okay. I'll remove them when I go back tomorrow for the movers. But tonight? It sure has tickled me to think of those things laying around. Just let me have my fantasy overnight. I'll be a better person for it tomorrow.

I'm just keeping it real.

I PROMISE I'll move the stuff because that is so not nice and I am all about proper behavior and maturity (NOT).....and setting a good example.

However, I DID take all the flatware.........


Tammy said...

I hate to hear you went on QB probation over the cleavage and muffin top thing. She's tough.

I love a good scavenger hunt, the Pacifics might too. Leave them a few things to find, what's the harm I say! (yikes, I might get banned from here too by the QB)

CoftheU said...

#1 Give a few of us big boobied girls a tiny break once in a while cuz some of us get sick of up-to-here shirts and then the girls are just OUT THERE. Some of us are delusional and try to pretend we look cute in little t-shirts like everyone else does, not the porn stars we really look like in them.

#2 I am totally with you on this moving out post. When I moved out, not only did I take even THE PEPPER in the cabinet, I wrote "Hi Velvet" in the dust on the ceiling above the bed. (That was the name of his current slut. I swear I am not making this up.) Oh yeah. And I scrubbed the cat's butt with his toothbrush.

Pattik said...

Beachy Mimi, Peepone here. I
tried really hard to be nice yesterday. It just wasn't meant to be.
A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! We will remove the evidence today. Hope my memory
doesn't fail me. Just be glad
Peeptwo wasn't there! Oh my!

I am so proud of you. All you peeps
out there send Beachy Mimi a big ole hug today. She deserves it.

Gotta go, bringing breakfast and
Peepone aka Pattik

Hope I never see another Santa
in my life!!! said...

A hug to you beachy MIMI..You go girl..Whatever it takes to make you feel better today. I have been where you are and it is not a fun place to be. For Oueen B, you gotta be sweet,,it will make her life much easier..No matter what the age of your children, they will still hurt ,reguardless of the situation.They love their parents, no matter what..Hang in there girl, it gets better..I promise..Prayers and Love to you and your friends and family who are helping you through..

cndymkr / jean said...

When times are tough you need something to break it up. Leaving things for them to find is funny. Good for you.

Christy said...

From what you have written so far about your situation, it looks to me like you are walking tall - good for you. The stepson in on the conversation? No way - bad move on the ex's part. I think a little something left behind might be in order....