Just Another Monday

PhotobucketThe last time I talked to Queen B, she was singing "la, la, la, la, la, la, la,", I think she wasn't speaking to me.

However, I'm still able to blog today, so maybe things are better. She had so much trouble at her house last night she didn't have time to zap me!!!

Peeps, I'm just telling you, I got lots of e-mails about yesterday's post. Lots. It is apparent that this has been a subject that needed attention. Although no one really wants to bring up the subject.

I now consider myself well informed. Very. Well. Informed.

Which is a good thing.

A big thank you to Janel at Dandelion Dayz for the Sharing the Love award.

I'm getting ready to start the next beachy vacation so I don't have much today. Ya'll have a good one.

See you tomorrow.

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Fuschia said...

Have a fantastic vacation. As much as I hate the beach, I wish I was going too!