My Dad

PhotobucketFather's Day is coming up in a few days. Poor dads don't get enought credit most of the time. Sometimes we would like to yell and scream at them, but all in all they are just guys being guys.

This generation of dads are more "hands on" than the ones of my generation. My dad worked so hard from the time he returned from WWII until his death in the 1990's.

I had so much respect for his work ethic.

Daddy had a great sense of humor. I think he passed some of that to me and then to Queen B.

He loved to laugh and to play jokes on people.

Once, he had my nephew with him at McDonald's drive-thru and ordered a drink. The peel-off tab on the side of the cup had a "coupon" for an order of french fries. Dad tried to redeem the coupon on the spot but the drive-up lady was adamant that it be redeemed on his next trip.

So...... Daddy just drove around the building , pulled up to the window and said, "Lady, this is my next trip".

He got his fries.

Dad served on a Board of Directors that required him to travel alot for a few years. My Mom always went with him and took care of the details.

This one time, Mom was unable to go so he went on alone. He checked into the hotel, ordered room service, ate and got ready to put the tray back out in the hall.

Well, he opened the door, pushed out the tray, the door bumped him on the behind and,


He was out in the hall.

Without a key.

In his underwear.

My daddy.

In a hotel.

With lots of people.

In a city.

He saw a maid cart down the hall so he headed for that to get help. The maid thought he was a perv so she was pulling the cart one way and he was pulling the other (to protect what little modesty he had left). He did get help and get back into his room.

Now when we go to a hotel we always warn, "watch out for those Papa doors."

We all had "Papa" stories, and those were very eloquently told at his funeral by a US Senator and Pop Dryer(Shannon's dad at Rocks in my Dryer). It was a time of celebration of a life that was lived to the fullest.

I just hated giving Daddy up so soon. I wasn't ready for him to leave. I didn't have enough advice yet. I wasn't grown up enough to be without my dad.

God had other plans so we had to let him go. God never takes away without replacing. A few weeks after the funeral, The Princess was born. God's gift. To me. To heal my heart.

That calendar year we had two more births in our family. Two more babies to love and cuddle.

More healing.

That's been 10 years ago. We all miss him greatly but he left a legacy in all of us. Some of us have his hands, some his blue eyes, some his build and all his heart.

Thanks, Dad, for being mine for 45 years. I love you.....

He would get a kick out of the whole blogging Beachy Mimi thing....


Tammy said...

Mimi, sounds like you had one top notch dad!

I am fortunate enough to have two dads in my life, which I posted about today!

Thanks for sharing your sweet story.

Lisa @ Take90West said...

That is a great post, your dad sounds like he was a very fun man. You were lucky to have a good relationship with him!

Robin said...

My sweet dad had a heart attack on the way to the hospital as I was giving birth to my first child. This was thirty years ago the 10th of June. My daughter has been such a special blessing to us and we rejoice and celebrate her birth and remember him on her birthday with great joy. Time has a way of healing things.Love the blog..Hang in there Beachy Mimi..

Amy said...

Mimi...Papa was such a great man! And I'm glad he started the family tree so that you and the Queen B and the Princess came along! Have a blessed day!

Fuschia said...

How sweet! Your dad reminds me of my Graddaddy!!
He's in heaven, too. I miss him!

The (Almost) Amazing Mammarino said...

Hi Mimi!

Loved this post about your dad! What a fun and special guy!

I couldn't find a way to email you about this, so I am just telling you here. I added a note to my Creamy Jell-O Salad recipe. I forgot to mention that if you want a little tangier, zingier flavor, make it with sherbet or sorbet. (Yummy, but I still love the creaminess of vanilla ice cream in it. BTW, vanilla bean ice cream makes it taste a little weird.)

Soliloquy said...

I don't think losing my own dad is something I'll ever be able to prepare myself for - or get over for that matter.

I dread the day.

Dread it.

We are THAT Family said...

What a great tribute!

Nicole said...

Thanks for sharing those sweet stories and memories!

Loved it!

And I know I would've loved him, too:)

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Sweet memories, Mimi. Thanks for sharing them and honoring your father in this way.

Queen B said...

Great post, Mom. I so miss him, too.

I love that every Christmas he would give each of us a can of Fix-a-Flat and a pair of those socks with the tread on the bottom.

You are just like him :)

Pattik said...

PeepOne here. I love this post about your Dad. Your Dad was a one
in a million man. Such great
morals and values. You are JUST
LIKE HIM!! He would be so proud
of you. Yep, that easy laugh, generous heart and sweet spirit,
you are JUST LIKE HIM!!

Janel said...

Sounds like a wonderful and fun man! Thanks for sharing this with us!

Don said...

I'm a late comer to Beachy Mimi's blog but she at least tells the truth this one time! :) Her dad was a great man. Self made, humble, funny, great travelling companion, super politician (though he never ran for office), loyal friend. If my vocabulary was better, I'd go on and on. I still miss him!