PhotobucketAs President, CEO, CBO, Queen, Writer, Editor, Typist and Maid here at Beachy Mimi. I decided to take a few moments to just sit back and reflect. On what, you say?

That Peeps, is a good question. Some of the reflection was leading down a path I'd rather not go right now, other paths were more positive and made me smile.

I just love it when I am out and about--groceries-errands-pumping gas-traveling--just where you least expect it, God places a Christian in your path. It has happened so often that now I kind of look for it.

On a trip I was wearing my cross pinky ring and the luggage handler pointed to the ring and said, "You are my sister-in-Christ". That will get your smile on!

At the hospital getting a test run.....nurses warned me the technician running the machine was a real bear. I just began talking to her and found a sweet woman in some obvious emotional pain.
Before I left, we had exchanged first names and agreed to pray for each other. Wow.

I have been standing in checkout lines and the subject of Christ just comes up....with strangers.
I love it.

This doesn't happen everytime. But, it does happen just often enough to give me a lift and get my smile going.

That got me to thinking. Do I give anyone a lift with a comment or a smile. Just because?
Because I am a Christian and Christ commands us to love others?

Excuse me a moment. I just fell down from stepping on my own toes and lost my balance.

Sometimes it seems the most "appropriate" response to people is to be beachy.....and I have been guilty. Oh, I have been guilty.

I know that God places these people in my many do I ignore? I need to start LOOKING for those opportunities to share His love by a smile, a comment or some some gesture that costs me nothing but a few seconds of thinking about someone else.

ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER. I know I need it. You do, too. As does everyone else.

I think today in Sonic happy hour drink line, I am going to pay for the person in the vehicle behind me.....and tell the carhop to tell them I said to have a nice day. Maybe I will let someone with fewer items pass me in the Target line. The fussy postal worker seems like he could do with a "have a great day".

What can you think of to do?


popmimi said...

Hey, friend.....such an insightful and true post. I really enjoyed it!

Keepin' It Real said...

You would be surprised how just saying Hello or smiling at someone, even if you don't know them, can lift their spirits, if only for a moment. It will make you feel better also.

Fuschia said...

You've reminded me of a quote from Joyce Meyer: "Hurting people hurt people." It seems we (mankind in general) are in need of the most love when we are being our most UNloveable selves!!
I think I'll go love on some little girls I know...not that they are being unloveable or anything ;-)

Queen B said...

Great thoughts. I,too, need to pay closer attention to those in my path.

Thanks, Mimi. :)

You won't mind if I follow you to Sonic?

fAiThFuL cHiCk said...

Great post, and oh-so-true.

The Sonic idea is a good one. Think I will try that.

Peggy said...

Great reminder. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I have a 7 yr. old ,that believes in speaking to people.It is a gift.He can always find someone to lift up by talking to them,he says he wants people to see Jesus.

Rebeckah said...

I have always wanted to go to a resaurant, get one soda, and then leave the waitress a $20 tip. Maybe I will do it on my way home from work today. Thanks for the inspiration!

THE ROOST said...

How about slow down and let someone in my lane of traffic! Thanks for getting us thinking that way.