I Collect Pigs

PhotobucketHi Peeps!

Someone commented they were concerned for my mental health. That is so sweet. I can tell you that I'm totally normal........sometimes.

Currently, I am under my bed, in a fetal position, sucking my thumb.

What am I thinking???? I can't date a guy with thighs smaller than mine!!! As my grandmother would have said, "It just ain't fittin". Actually, she wouldn't have said "ain't" plus, she would have never said the word "thighs" unless she was talking about frying chicken.

Why am I under the bed you ask? Because it has been a thumb-sucking few days.

However, PeepOne "saved the day" again with a Sonic coke. And, she started decorating my house!!!!

I collect pigs. I have collected for years. I absolutely love to find a new pig that I don't have.

I have so many I can't display all of them, but I still keep searching for the unique and fabulous.

Fabulous pig??? Yes!! There are some wonderful pigs out in the retail world.

This is a pig barbeque pig. Duh. PeepOne added greenery and it turned out so cute!

This is another arrangement she did for the table behind my sofa. That would be a sofa table.

This is another pig grouping. Hard to see, I know. But it is a sneaky way for me to publish a picture of The Queen B way up there in the corner. Heh Heh.

Oh my, I actually moved pictures!!! I guess I'll stop the thumb-sucking, but I'll stay in my fetal position just a while longer............


chickadee said...

your home is beautiful!
enjoy his thin thighs while you can. :)

Maria said...

I love the greenery in the pig! Thanks for stopping by yesterday! Hope you enjoy the cobbler!

Rebeckah said...

Pigs are nice : ). Maybe you should get a pot bellied one as a pet.

Kara said...

I think that the barbecue pig with a flower arrangement inside is quite the bold move! :-) It actually looks cute, and I can tell by the rest of your pictures that your house is quite lovely. Looks like you've got a decorating eye!!

Fuschia said...

Pigs are cute if they are...pink! Actually, the barbeque one is great!
What a beautiful bachlorette pad you've got there.

alwayssomethin said...

I love the pig and the rest of your house. My daughter has a giant ceramic, polka dot, piggy bank. It is adorable.

Lisa @ Take90West said...

you have a beautiful home...pigs and all!

kristenkj said...

I used to collect pigs, too. That was back when I was little. ;)

Seirously though, I just wanted to say that I love your random acts of kindness ideas. I have not been super kind these days...too much to do, lots of stress, not enough time to enjoy life. Always in a hurry, kwim? Anyway, maybe I need to focus more on others and my life will seem a little brighter now and then. Thanks for the inspiration!

Pattik said...

Hey, PeepOne here. So proud of
you for getting your pictures
posted in the right spot.
You've got it going on girlfriend!!

Tammy said...

You know I was the one trying to zoom in and get a peep at the Queen! Drats, I just wanted to know if she really favors the babe on her blog header! :-)

Love the pig displays. Good job PeepOne.

Oh yea, and I collect camels...yea, weird, I totally know.

tam said...

I have been in the fetal position myself the last few days. Maybe an identity crisis, I just really dont know. Thanks for being yourself, warts, thumbsucking and all. Tam

Anonymous said...

Your house is so gorgeous! I love it. It looks like you don't need any decorating assistance.