I'm Just Wild About Hairy

PhotobucketWow. Peeps, your compassion and understanding just overwhelm me. Thank you so much for the prayers and encouragement. I've got until next Tuesday to get it done. I'll keep you "posted".

Today I went to pick up my main man. Let me introduce you to Hairy or rather, Harry.

Harry has been at summer visitation with Pacific for the last time. Mrs. Pacific has a dog.

Several years ago, The Princess decided I needed a companion so she talked the rest of the family into going to the animal shelter and adopting a cat for me......for Mother's Day.

I didn't name him for several days. Usually animals will "name" themselves if you watch their habits and personality.

This cat didn't disappoint. I have never seen so much fur fly as this cat released from his body the first week I had him. Fur everywhere. I vaccumed and brushed and dusted endlessly.
It didn't matter. I cleaned it up........he shed more.

I told him, "You are the hairest cat I have ever seen!", thus, he became Hairy or Harry.

Right now, Harry is very mad at me for being gone for a month and he is ignoring me. That will last until bedtime.

We tried getting Harry to stay with Discount Kitty aka Chester and Oliver. He was terrified.
Of other cats. He's twice their size.

He could totally take them down. And probably most small dogs. But, my Harry is a wimp.

Love his heart. He wants to be brave, but life in the shelter just about did him in. He felt so

I'll post more about Harry's antics another time. I just wanted you to meet him.


Lisa @ Take90West said...

A cat? I totally thought you would've had a litte lap dog with polished toenails in a designer Louis Vuitton carrying bag. Instead, you are cleaning up cat hair. Hairy must be pretty special to the QM!

Fuschia said...

Our cat is of the outdoor variety because hubby is HIGHLY allergic. But she's a wild thing at heart anyway! I truly believe she thinks she's a dog...she acts like a puppy following the kids around the yard and waiting at the back door for us to get up in the morning...cats are crazy and oh so cool!
Hairy is obviously all cat ;)