Doing My Post In Six Words


A big hug and kiss to The Queen B for passing on the "You make my day AWARD". You made my day!!

Beachy Mimi pursues Never Ending Vacation (this is my six word memoir)


We are THAT Family said...

Thank you Beachy Mimi. You are so sweet. I'm glad I make you smile!

You remind me of my mom and I love reading things through your eyes.

chickadee said...

love your six word life motto!
thanks for the very kind award.

3girlsmom said...

Thanks for the tag! Even serious subjects deserve a fun Meme! Thanks!!!!! I'll get to it tomorrow - I'm crazy tired tonight.
Have a good one - thanks again!!

Fuschia said...

My very first meme. So, I guess you made MY day, too! Thanks.
Here's to your never ending vacation ;)

a Tonggu Momma said...

A meme! Thank you, Beachy Mimi. I did it... well, sort of. :)