BMBM Eyebrows

Hmmm. I've gone two whole days without being inappropriate. I'm off my game.

Speaking about budgets, I've had to give up a few things myself.

The first thing that had to go was...waxing and lasering. I know, I know...the lasering was not much of a sacrifice but work with me here. The waxing is almost a necessity. My eyebrows are living proof.

I have alot of eyebrows. Less as I age, but still alot. It takes a trained person to keep them tame. Think Andy Rooney eyebrows. They point up, out, down...any way they are not supposed to go. I have tried putting goop on them to keep them from escaping but it just doesn't work. Instead of one sticking out, maybe 10-15 point in some other direction in a glob. You know it is bad when your eyebrows enter the room before YOU actually do.

Have you seen monkeys grooming each other? I guess I need my own monkey because plucking has now become my new obsession. I use a 10X mirror which only makes it seem worse. If I let them go for a few days...oh my. They run amuck. It's a problem when you have blonde (fake) heh heh hair and coal black eyebrows. They are noticeable.

The lasering? Not such a sacrifice but it makes me feel better to say I gave up two things.

PU gave up toes but I just don't think I can do that yet. Pink toes just make me happy. I can't give Sonic up right now. Hair color is out of the question at my age. Make-up? Ditto.

This is going to take careful consideration. I can give up liver, prunes and green stuff but that's not much of a stretch.

I have given up some travel, movies and most sweets. It has given me a tic.

So, Peeps. What have you given up? Give me some ideas. Especially if you have any eyebrow advice.


Theresa said...

Shopping sprees at Express, all Coach products, women's retreats with my church, traveling, eating out at fancy restaurants or any restaurant, hair colorist, gel and acrylic nails, massages, facials,,,,,WHAAAAAAAA I miss my old life!!!!!

....but I'm much happier in my new life.

Dawn said...

Hair coloring (I do it myself now), eyebrow waxing (I can relate to you on this!), less eating out and always passing on the expensive $3 drinks (ok, almost always) and ordering water to drink at restaurants, running "out" whenever I wanted (I consolidate trips now to conserve gas), and a conscious effort to use leftovers and not let it spoil in the 'fridge.

And, we've stopped using our credit card. We've always paid it off every month, never carried a balance and lived within our means. However, by just using cash or our debit card, we've eliminated almost $300 per month of "extra" purchases. It's too easy to "nickle and dime" extra expenses when swiping a credit card!

kristen@nosmallthing said...

There isn't really any one thing that I've cut back on completely. I simply ask myself, do I really really need this, or do I just want it 'cause it's cute? This applies to home decor, to clothes, to candles, soaps, toys for the kids, etc.

When I find something I like, I wait to buy it. After I've gone home and thought about it for a day or two, then I have a much better perspective on whether or not I really need/want it.

a Tonggu Momma said...

We were already pretty cheap and anal, so not much belt tightening going on around here. All of the "extras" that most people list... we just didn't do anyway.

As to the eyebrows, hello long-lost sister. Do I have a story for the blog someday! But in terms of advice, don't simply pluck. Before you pluck, brush upwards, then take a pair of nail scissors and give yourself a small trim. Then pluck and voila!

RR Mama said...

getting my nails done was a big one for me. I haven't had acrylic nails in about 7 years. But I will never give up my pedicures or hair stylist. I would rather give up going to the dentist than give up those two things.

Jen said...

I thought I saw you had a tic there. :)

Giving things up -- and just as holiday time approaches? Oh, Mimi. Let's save this discussion for Lent.

And definitely let's get a latte and a Sonic coke and go get our nails done.


The Fritz Facts said...

Getting my hair colored has been the big thing. I used to go every 6 weeks like clockwork, now, not so much. I am doing it myself now. But, this allows us more freedom with other things...still stinks though.

Anonymous said...

I gave up the housekeeper, which is why my house is a disaster most days. I also gave up cable. But no way am I giving up my professional hair colorist. Too scary....

Loving Our Homeschool said...

Well, we gave up cable TV years seven years ago. We just have our handy dandy antenna. I've given up buying the more trendy, expensive clothes. Most things I buy don't cost over $15 each. I have a lot of t-shirts. LOL I've never lasered, waxed or gotten my nails done. Hair coloring is a twice a year treat simply because I had DH help me once and he said, "Go get it done next time."

The biggest thing I'm giving up right now is my time. I'm starting a job, just 8 hours a week, but still, that's 8 hours that I usually spend with my hubby and kids. My first official job in about 7 years. When we read those articles on how to cut back on spending, we've already done all of them!! So since the price of everything is going up, up, up, I decided I needed to contribute financially.

Sending my kids to a public school so I can work full-time is NOT an option.

Tammy said...

I would love for my husband to give up eating out for lunch but short of me knocking him in the head about it, I will have to live with it. I just know it would save us a big of money each month.

I am too scared of coloring my own hair, but I don't go but every couple of months anyway. I should be, but I don't groom the Greek eyebrows so much. I probably should. But I think 40 years into it, why bother?! ;-)

cndymkr / jean said...

Hmm, I have never done anything with my eyebrows. I don't pluck, wax or laser them. Maybe I should start? Nah. What I have given up is monthly visits to get my hair done. Instead I go every 6mths and get it cut and colored. I do the touch ups at home. I'm seriously considering letting it go back to grey but at 46 I think I'm too young to be all grey.

Peggy said...

Very funny post! I can relate - I come from a family of plentiful eyebrows. A few years ago, my eyebrows just quit growing back. They looked shaped even though I didn't pluck or anything. Guess it was some hormone thing.

Then a few months ago, I looked in the mirror and my eyebrows seem to be about three times as long as they used to be. To make matters worse, there are white ones starting to mix in with all the black ones.

Jen said...

We are used to living pretty frugally. We've only been married 2 years, and the first year we were married, I had a $9/hr job and hubs was a Chemical Engineer senior in college! That was frugal living! A big night out might be to the Red Lobster where we would share an appetizer and get side salads!

Now that we both have jobs and mine pays a little better, we've splurged a little here and there. Fortunately, we bought our house, my new (to me) car, and tv all before this financial stuff came up. We never carry a balance on the credit card, and we live by a budget. I went over by $10 this month on groceries, so I will be giving up that much next month. That just means more pasta for a while probably.

On the other side of this frugality, we just ordered our baby furniture for our first baby, and I just got the call that it came in today! I'm so excited to get it! A whole room of furniture for $600, brand new. I waited for it to go on sale.

linda said...

Can't give up nails because I'm a nail biter if I don't have acrylic. That isn't cute. Can't give up hair cuts, I wear my hair short and spiky. I could save gas by not going to work. Hey, that's a thought!

Susan said...

Pretty much all new clothes shopping. I have started shopping at consignment shops and have actually found how fabulous it is to get great, slightly used clothes and fabulous prices.
I also got a new haircut that doesn't require cutting quite as often. I started clipping coupons and only buying expensive items like different meats, when they are at a great price.
We don't eat out AT ALL!
I plan my weekly shopping trips to use as little gas as possible.
The hardest for me has been not having anything from Starbucks in months.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I thought I was the only one with eyebrows that take on a life of their own.

We've given up going out to eat, we cancelled our cable, and we drive our big ol' Suburban way less. We were always pretty frugal though, so nothing really earth-shattering for us.

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

I think I have been living in denial. I have not given up much...until this week. I am on a complete shopping freeze. No new clothes or shoes.

I have given up mani/pedis - do them myself and eyebrow waxing for months now. Eating out less, too.

I am thinking of giving up my gym membership which makes me want to cry, so trying to figure out something else.

I have stopped with highlighting my hair, too.

Joanna said...

No advice on the eye brows. I've been battling my fuzz-tache so I can feel your pain.

Heather said...

So far..the only thing we have given up is eating out. We used to go at least once a week-sometimes twice-but we realized how ridiculous that was and we quit months ago. I cook every night and don't really mind it much.

I'd probably give up cable before I gave up Sonic.