My Little Cans of Whoop-Bottom

Sometimes, a gal just needs to carry a can of WHOOP-A** in her purse.

I KNOW! Shocking isn't it.

I personally have two cans. Their names are PeepOne and PeepTwo. They get RILED if somebody gets up in my business and I love them for it.

So DETRACTOR, move on or I will sic them on you.

To the rest of my Peeps, I love you and will be back tomorrow!!


Soliloquy said...

What are you talking about? Only two cans..... don't you know you can open the whole internet on them?!

Lemme' at 'em!

Dawn said...

Come on... name names. I'm with Sililoguy - tell us who it is and we'll be all over 'em!

Alicia said...

Girl power!! No one messes with my girl. I'm with Dawn. Let's play a little game called Naming Names. I have a walk-in pantry stocked full of cans and a can opener in hand. I'm ready.

Nicole said...

So thankful for PeepOne and PeepTwo. They rock.

Don't threaten us like that again...the blogosphere needs our Beachy Mimi fix.

3girlsmom said...

Oooo. Let me at em. I'll kick butt and take names.
Except I'm pretty non confrontational, so I probably wouldn't in real life, but I sure would think about it!
Glad you're coming back. Miss u.

Theresa said...

I have a few cans too. Let me at em.

I'll kick that creep so hard they will need a search party to find my boot.

peeptwo said...

Oh my...what would we do with the support of our friends? You just keep on bloggin and being you. Yaaay! I'm so glad your back!!p

Pattik said...

Yep girlfriend we got yo back!!
Night or day Peeps One and Two
are there for you. HA HA I rhymed!
Blog on sweet friend. Blog on.

PeepOne49 said...

Opps, that was me above.

Mari said...

I mean really if you don't like what you're reading, MOVE ON!

The NERVE!!!

Just let us know when you start taking applications for PeepThree :-)

Paula said...

Could I please borrow PeepOne and PeepTwo? I have some bottom that needs to be whooped!