Status Report from Beachy Hospital

Hi, Peeps!

The Beachy house is improving but not quite back up to the usual 100%.

I thought I would share with you some photos of the hard work Peepone did decorating my tiny little bachelorette pad porch. She rocks.

She also brought me a Sonic coke and a Jr. hamburger--mustard and ketchup only.

It was SOOO good.

I don't spend alot on decorations anymore. These are left-overs from last year.

It isn't easy finding giant fake corn, I tell ya.

I'm not big on the scary Halloween. I like the Old Fashioned Halloween when you just dressed up as a character and bumbed the neighbors for candy. It was safe.
However, I just couldn't pass up this spider.

Peepone made this totally rockin' topiary out of these poor pumpkins.

Then, with more leftovers, she fixed up my little summer table. Notice the pig!

If you notice in the window. SOMEONE is really wanting to get in the picture. He found the whole thing extremely entertaining.

I love my nosy neighbors. I give them lots of fodder with my comings and goings, and they are always walking in front of my house in little groups trying to see if they can see me, the cat, or anything else going on in here. They don't see much.

Well, neighbor across the street had two little jack-o-lanterns on her porch that were very cute.

Apparently, she was quite upset that Peepone put more on MY porch that she had on HERS...and she took them inside.

I do hope this is not one of those neighborhoods where neighbor tries to outdo neighbor.

Good Grief.

I smell a battle.


Theresa said...

Wow, how beautifully manicured the front porch looks. And the decorations are perfect, not too scary.

I'm with you, I'm not a fan of the scary Halloween.

Go over to my blog, I gave you an award.

Dawn said...

Glad you're feeling better!

I'm with ya on the no scary decor. Your porch looks great. I vote you win porch of the month!


Tracey said...

What gorgous decorations!!!

Heather said...

Wow. I love what she did. Maybe she can come to my house. I have one acorn, a questionable wreath (with fake corn!) and four leaves. There maybe a scarecrow.

As far as the neighbor, (very funny, btw) as long as she has realized that she will ALWAYS be outdone, things will run smooth. She is just jealous that you did it without any effort. :)

RR Mama said...

Could I borrow PeepOne for Christmas? Glad you are feeling better.

Christy said...

Beautiful porch, thanks for sharing, it gets me in a festive mood! You cracked me up about the neighbors, I do hope we get to read more on that note!

Tammy said...

Ummm, do you think you and PeepOne can make a road trip to Alabama for a porch consult?! I'd be willing to take you to Sonic for a few cokes or something! ;-)

Glad you are feeling better and your porch is spectacular!!

Queen B said...

Great porch! It looks wonderful! Love the spider. And that is the biggest corn I've ever seen.

You can take the neighbors.

Mari said...

Can PeepOne come to my house? How far is North Carolina for her? Great decorations! Love love love the topiary.

Fuschia said...

The giant corn is FANTASTIC!! We don't do halloween, but I love to decorate for fall! How cute is that pumpkin topiary?!

On the neighbor front: my hubby's family owned a travel trailor park (the kind where you drive your rig in and stay a few days, or as they do in Florida, stay the winter). The older people were so competitve about their "lawns" that my FIL had to put restritions on watering!

Your neighbor seems to know when she's out-classed ;)

Jules from "The Roost" said...

The WAR of THE PUMPKINS! LOL Your house looks so festive and pretty at the same time. Love it :)

Pattik said...

Peepone here. The porch was fun
to do. Thanks for the compliments!
I'm worried about the neighbor lady. I did feel like we were
being watched. From the window.
I don't mean Harry!

Nicole said...

PeepOne, PLEASE come make me a pumpkin topiary. i don't have the patience to make it so it doesn't fall over.

Which is a problem.

The beach house rocks!

Amy said...

Fun decorations and for the record, the neighbors have nothing on you!

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Very cute and festive. I just have a dead tree in a pot by my door right now. Does that classify as fall decorations?

kristen@nosmallthing said...

Beachy, I'm so totally jealous of the pumpkin topiary. I may have to copy that. What's in the middle there, leaves??? Maybe I'll switch it up a bit and throw in some sunflowers or something... Very chic. Did you know pumpkins could be chic? Me neither.

Jen said...

Looks gowa-juss. Seriously.


Wendi said...

I can see it now....Beachy takin on the neighbors!
Too. funny.

Love what you did with the porch.
It is fabulous!!!