Last Day to Register

Mr. Random

This is the last full day to register for the Thanksgiving Giveaway. If you haven't
signed up and LEFT ME AN EMAIL ADDRESS, you need to now.

We've had 50 or so register and I'm so glad I'm not picking. Mr. Random was too busy today with all the Bloggy Giveaways, so he's coming tomorrow to do the choosing.

Still no news on the bad boy biker/cop bald dude. And, yes Jean, he has HANDCUFFS.
FAN ME some more!!


RR Mama said...

How how I love me so George Clooney! It just gets better looking everyday! Have a great Halloween

Jules from "The Roost" said...

That is funny....I need fanning alot these days but for different reasons :>)

cndymkr / jean said...

Go Mimi! Enjoy your Halloween.

Anonymous said...

I just have to brag a little. My hubby is in law enforcement, and I get to see him in his uniform practically EVERY DAY (duty weapon, handcuffs, and all). And I still need to be fanned. Woo, baby! Gotta love a man in uniform!

Karen said...

I miss one day and you're talking about getting handcuffed to some bad boy???? I think I need to get caught up here.

Theresa said...

Wow, that picture is a nice way to wake up in the morning. Thanks Mimi.